What is the full form of LLB? (Full Information)


What is the full form of LLB? We all have heard about LLB. When we study in the 10th class, since then we have to think about our career. And there is no need to state that everyone wants to get into a career with a good income where competition is low. There are many career options before us, we have to choose one of them. This is a very stressful situation. We have to think very carefully. 

But we have to choose a career where there are more jobs. LLB is one of such career options. But before choosing it, it is important to have complete information about it. In this article, you will get almost complete information. After this, you will not need to read any other article. 


Full name of LLB

The correct name of the LLB is "Legum Baccalaureus". It is a Latin language word. Do not get confused by this because LLB has full form 'Bachelor of Laws' in English. LLB is also called as BL(Bachelor of Laws). This is an undergraduate degree. It is also called the first professional degree at Law's Field. 

In the past, only students who studied in art did it. But nowadays anyone can achieve this degree. It was first introduced in England. After this, Japan also started taking interest in it. 

You have to learn a lot in the lab. One has to know about the law in detail. Once you know about the rules of law then you have to learn to use them according to your understanding. After completing the degree, it is not necessary that you become a lawyer. You have many other options like legal advisors, judges, etc. 

Another full form of LLB

You have already been told the perfect form of the LLB. But apart from this, there are some Full forms that many people do not know. They are being told for knowledge. Read the perfect full form above. In India, LLB is also called 'Bachelor of Legislative Law'.

In How Many Years Does LLB Complete?

I will answer this question in two parts. LLB can be done in two ways. You can also do it after the 12th and even after graduation, you can. If you do LLB after 12th, then it will take 5 years to complete it. But if you do LLB after graduation, then it will take 3 years to complete. 

How to get admission in LLB?

Admission in LLB is very easy. If you want to do after 12th, then remember that you are from the science field. In the 12th you should have 50% or more marks. Similarly, if you want to do LLB after graduation, then you need 50% or more marks in college.

And if you want to do LLB from big universities, then you have to give entrance exams. Such as CLAT, LSAT, AILET, etc. Only by passing such exams can you enroll in good universities. 

After doing LLB, you can do a PH.D., after that you can become a lecturer in a college. You get many more options.

Benefits of LLB

LLB is a very good option. Nowadays people do not consider engineering as a good career option. There is too much competition everywhere. Very few students do LLB. Due to which competition is also less. 
Let us know about its benefits

#1. Knowledge of rules

It is very difficult to understand the rules of law. But you must have a little knowledge of law even if you are not doing LLB. At least you get to know about your rights. The rules of the law are given close attention to LLB. 

#2. More Career Options

If you think that you can only become a lawyer by LLB, then you are wrong. It has too many career options. There are also many types of lawyers. You can become a judge, you can become a legal adviser, you can become a college lecturer. 

#3. High Salary

If you do engineering or do some other degree, then you are able to hold a small job. Here I am not talking about a government job. You can do any small job in the private sector, but if you have done your LLB, then you can get a lot of job options and get a lot of respect.

LLB students are more intelligent when viewed from a different perspective. their salary can also be good if they have good knowledge.

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