Blogger Vs WordPress which is best for blogging?

Blogger Vs WordPress. First of all, thank you for visiting our blog. I hope you get the right information from here and you will get some help. People who are new to blogging. Those who are new to blogging are confused about which platform to start blogging. There are only two most used platforms. Blogger and WordPress. 

Now we will talk about which platform is best for blogging. In this blog, we will compare each other. Learn about their advantages and disadvantages. There is a lot of difference between Blogger and WordPress. For example, WordPress has good website optimization but Blogger is not. 

Blogger Vs Wordpress

What is the difference between Blogger and WordPress

#1. Blogger is a product of Google which is absolutely free. You can make a blog here for free. But to create a blog on WordPress one has to buy hosting. It is not free.

#2. You can easily create a blog on Blogger, but it is not easy on WordPress. On the contrary, designing a website on Blogger is not easy but it is easy on WordPress.

#3. You can't customize much in Blogger. But you can customize a lot by using plugins on WordPress.

Benefits of "Blogger"

First of all, let us talk about the advantages of using Blogger. I will explain pointwise

#1. It's a Google Product

Yes, Blogger is a Google product. Everyone wants the security of their blog. We can trust Blogger because every product of Google is trustworthy. Just as every Google product is amazing, the blogger is also one of them. If you want full security of your blog, then you have chosen the right platform.

In this, you do not have to buy any hosting, so there is no risk of useless hosting. Here Google gives lifetime free hosting. 

#2. Easy Setup

People who are new bloggers have the biggest difficulty in setting up the site. But in blogger, it becomes very easy. That's why new bloggers are advised to start their own blog on Blogger. 

If you have enough knowledge, then you can create a site on Blogger in 5 minutes. This is not so easy in WordPress. you need a Gmail account and you can create a blog on Blogger. 

Note: You can take your blogger site to WordPress later. I thought you would have such confusion in your mind, so I told you.

#3. HTTP Security(HTTPS)

Whenever we open a website, there is definitely HTTP or HTTPS in its URL. Everyone wants their website to open with Http: Security. But this happens when you have an SSL certificate. 

If your website is on WordPress, then you also have to purchase an SSL certificate with hosting. But the good thing is that this certificate is available for free on Blogger. In this case, Blogger is much better than WordPress.

Because of this, your site becomes very secure on Blogger. And it is also a Google product, so we can rely on it blindly.

#4. Totally Free

See, I said completely free, it does not mean that everything will be available for free. You have to buy at least one domain name. If you do not buy, a blog will be created, but it will not be so effective.

Then let's talk about what to get for free on Blogger. As I said, the SSL Certificate is available for free for a lifetime. Just like this hosting is also available for a lifetime for free. There are two very major things that Google provides you for free.

Downsides Of "Blogger"

Now let's talk about the blogger's limitations. 

#1. It completely depends on the Gmail account

Blogging on Blogger makes your blog completely dependent on Gmail. By the way, Google products are very safe and secure. Your blog is almost impossible to be hacked. But if your Gmail account is hacked then your blog can also be hacked for a short time. This is a big disappointment that your entire blog depends only on your Gmail password.

To avoid this, you can keep your Gmail account as safe as it is good. Always keep two-step verification on your Gmail account. 

Your blog may not be completely hacked, but by hacking a Gmail password, it can do anything for a short time in your blog. Maybe he will delete your blog. Keep your Gmail account secure.

#2. Can't use plugins

This is the biggest drawback of Blogger. Plugins have an important role in a website. Plugins help a lot in blog customizations. There is a lot of help in SEO. There are many other things that cannot be done without plugins. 

For example, if we want to add a timer countdown feature in our blog. So in Blogger, you need to have a lot of coding knowledge but only one plugin has to be installed in WordPress. Such small or big tasks are easily done through the plugin.

#3. Lack of SEO options

This is the third biggest fault of Blogger. If you are creating a blog on Blogger then you get limited options to SEO. You can SEO only on the homepage on Blogger. But on WordPress, you can SEO for every category separately. So the blogger is not much special from the point of view of SEO. 

#4. Coding knowledge is required to manage

In the beginning, you can create a blog in Blogger, but if you want to do blogging for a long time, then you have a lot of problems in managing. Without coding knowledge, you cannot customize the theme in it. By default, it does not have many customizable options. If you want to do some changes then you must have knowledge of coding. In WordPress, you can design and customize the theme as you like.

Benefits of WordPress

Now let's talk about the benefits of WordPress. By the way, it is much better than Blogger

#1. Easy To Install

Creating a blog on WordPress is not as easy as Blogger. But it is not too difficult. It is very easy to install. You can simply install by watching videos on YouTube. 
In this, you need hosting. WordPress has to be installed in hosting, which is very easy. Many hosting gives you the option to install WordPress in one click.

WordPress also has software for Android and Windows. This software makes this task even easier. 

#2. Full Control

Blogger is hosted by Google, so Google has control over Blogger. But nothing like this happens in WordPress. In WordPress, we buy web hosting, so control over the blog is ours too. We can control our blog as we like. Can design according to your needs. You can apply different types of widgets.

When everything is under your control, what can be better than this? There is no doubt that WordPress is better than Blogger

#3. We Can Use Plugins

What are plugins? This question will be in your mind. Plugins are very important in WordPress. Many difficult things can be done easily through plugins. There are two types of plugins. First free plugin and second paid plugin. 

Free plugins are available for everything in WordPress. Such as Yoast SEO plugin, jetpack plugin, HTML editor plugin, etc. If you use WordPress then you must install the Yoast SEO Plugin. You must have this plugin. 

#4. More SEO Options

As you know how important it is for a blog. If your blog is not well optimized by search engines, then it will never rank on Google. You get a lot of SEO options in WordPress. Such as the Yoast SEO plugin. 

In WordPress, you can do separate SEO not only for home page but also for category and post. You can also check the SEO of your post. Overall, such services can never be found in Blogger.

#5. Automatic Backup

Yes, with the help of plugins in WordPress you can easily backup the blog or you can make an automatic backup. It is very important. Your blog may be hacked. In such a situation, it will help you a lot. 

Blogs are likely to be hacked on WordPress. To avoid this you should use a good and paid plugin for security. 


Hope you got some help. Now you must have understood what is best to make a blog. I think you should use WordPress. I agree that it will cost you but you will get a lot of benefits from this. Buy a good or normal hosting and start a blog on WordPress. 

Or you can do this, start in Blogger now, when you have money, then transfer to WordPress. A blogger website can be easily transferred to WordPress. But in the final, I would say that WordPress is a hundred times better than Blogger.
Regarding blogging, if you have questions in your mind, then mention in the comment.

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