What is SEO and how to do search engine optimization? [Full Information]

What is SEO? This is a process that helps to rank our website in search engines. Nowadays it has become very difficult to be successful in blogging career. To be successful, it is very important to rank your website on the first page of Google. All this is absolutely impossible without SEO. In this article, we will talk about what is SEO and how it is done. 

If you think that you will be successful without it, then you are wrong. No matter how good your content is, but if you don't SEO it, you won't get success. There are no fix rules for this, it depends on the algorithms of Google Search engine.

No one is an SEO expert. Nobody has achieved mastery over SEO. SEO's fundamentals change over time. That is why we should be updated from time to time. 
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What is SEO?

As we know Google is the largest search engine on the entire Internet. There are many more such search engines. It is through these that traffic arrives on our websites. Such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

By SEO, organic traffic starts coming to our blog and income is also good. It is impossible to tell full information about SEO in one article. Even then you will get almost all the important information.

What is the full form of SEO?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

why is it important for a blog?

As we know that through search engines, the visitors come to our website. But if we do not use SEO, then the visitors will not find our website on search engines. Then there will be no use to create that website. 

Search engine optimization is done for a particular keyword. So we should keep in mind that people should search more for that keyword. For keyword research, you can use the Google Keyword Planner

Once you learn how to SEO, you can increase the value of your website. Keep in mind that SEO never gives quick results. So you have to keep a little patience. Patience is the key, my friend.

Some Important points About Search Engine Optimization 

  • When people do some search on Google. So they want the best results. That is why they open the top ten pages only. That is why people try to optimize the search engine and bring it to the top ten pages.
  • Well, the less you learn about SEO but by learning, you will have a lot of experience and you get a lot of knowledge in this field.
  • If your website is on the top ten pages of Google, then the user's trust is also built on you.
  • And the most important thing is that you will also be ahead in competition with SEO.

Types Of Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

There are two types of SEO.

1. On-Page SEO
2. Off-Page SEO

#1. On-Page SEO

In the On-Page SEO, you just have to properly design the website. Your website has to be completely user-friendly.

First of all, your template should be simple and clean. No extra widgets. Your content should also be related to any keyword that is searched more on Google. 

Keyword placement should be well in the article, it is important to have your keywords in the title. Meta descriptions, titles, and subtitles are also very important. Everything has to be very systematic.

How to do On-Page SEO?

I will tell you only those things which are necessary for On-Page SEO. Some things you should keep in mind very well. Which I will mention further. 

1. Website navigation

Whenever the visitors come to your website, it should be easy to go from page to page on your website. It should not be that they do not get your contact page or the page they want. 

2. Post Url or Permalink

This is a very important thing to be considered because permalink is the thing which helps to rank up your website. Your permalink should match your keywords and it should be very short and sweet. 

3. Title Tag

You should put both the title of your post or the title of your website after much research. After doing the full research on your keyword, put the title tag so that visitors see it and click on your website immediately.

How to create a title tag:
This is very simple, use focused keywords in your title tag. Do not create a title tag of more than 65 words because Google also only shows up to 65 words.

4. Website Speed

The speed of your website is also very important to grow. If the speed is low then visitors will be left without visiting. According to a survey, visitors wait only 5-6 seconds.

This has a bad effect on your ranking. Google realizes that your website is not so good, which is why visitors are going back. You may wonder what to do now. 

I am giving some suggestions here which can increase the speed of your website.
  • Do not use over-sized images on the website.
  • Do not use more plugins.
  • Your theme or template should be very simple and attractive.
  • Use WP-Super-Cache and W3 cache plugins.

5. ALT Tag

what is alt tag? When you place an image in an article, it also ranks in Google Image's search engine. But this only happens when you use Alt Tag. 

In the alt tag, you can enter a famous keyword for your image. 

If you use Blogger, then there is an option of image properties. You can apply the ALT tag from there. Alt tags have a different option in WordPress.

6. Internal linking

What is Internal Link? Linking different pages of your website to each other is called internal linking. This leads to traffic from one of our posts to another. 

7. Content, Headings, and Keyword

The content of your website should not be copied from anywhere. By doing this, Google detects you, then your website will never rank. The article should always be more than 600 words. It is also very good for SEO.

Heading and sub-headings greatly affect the Seo. First, you should have the heading and then all the sub-headings. Headings and sub-headings should also be mentioned in paragraphs and remember that keywords should be bold.

First of all, you should work on such keywords that have low competition and have high CPC. Keywords should be mentioned from place to place in the article. And whatever important keywords are, make them bold. So that users and Google can easily search for keywords.

#2. Off-Page SEO

After designing the website well and writing good articles, your job is to promote the website. Promoting your website in different ways is called off-page SEO.

There are many popular ways to promote a website. For example, providing a link to your website by commenting on a famous blog.

The website can also be promoted by guest posting on famous blogs. Promotion can also be done through social media. We do all this to get backlinks. If you don't know about backlinks, click here.

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How to do off-page SEO?

There are many ways to do this, we will learn about all one by one. You have to use it all.

1. Social Media

First of all, you create your account on popular social media platforms. Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. After that give a link to the website in your profile. And share your posts as well.

2. Classified Submissions

There are many websites that publish your ads for free which we call free classified websites. On this website, you can promote your website for free.

3. Questions & Answers sites

There are many websites where people search for solutions to their problems. People here ask questions and those who know that solutions answer it. You can also get people's support by giving them answers, and you can promote your website at the right time.

4. Blog Commenting

You can also promote by going to other blogs related to your blog and commenting. This method is a very popular method and is also easy. If you want to know more about it, then read our backlinks article.

5. Pin

You can also increase traffic by posting images of your website on Pinterest.

6. Guest Post

As I mentioned above. Blog posting is a very powerful and safe way. Go to the blog related to your website, if the guest posting service is available, then use it. 

7. Webmaster Tools Or Search Consoles

You must have to do this. It is very important to submit your website to the webmaster tools of all search engines. At least you should submit your website in Google Search Consoles.

By the way, it is impossible to understand it in just one article. But still, I hope that you have got the basic knowledge. Apart from this, there are other articles which you can learn more by reading.

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